6 07 2013

Enjoy Shoobey’s perspective on loving our neighbors as ourselves. This is a great – short – article!
Have a blessed Sunday.
Praise Jesus!

butchering saint

At one point in my late 20’s I had to make a choice. To get rid of my dog or go homeless. I did what any country boy would do. I read Where the Red Fern Grows as a kid so I went homeless. Winter, freezing, homeless. I was lucky enough to have enough friends and a vehicle that I didn’t have to sleep on the streets but I sure do understand some part of what the homeless get to enjoy (sarcasm).

Sometimes we too get a taste of a certain thing or event but we don’t get to witness it as some less fortunate who live it. Day in day out they are homeless. They don’t have a vehicle or caring friends or any of that. They don’t have food or a shelter or medical care.

Is this the poor and fatherless that we are to reach out to?…

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3 responses

7 07 2013
Kari Anne Dorstad

I can certainly relate to keeping the dog. What a blessing our pets are.

7 07 2013

Want my cat? 😉


8 07 2013

haha! want a dog as well? kidding, we’ve come through too much now it seems like! lessonsbyheart! that is funny. Enjoy the week and again thanks for reblogging this! Blessings, In Christ

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