“The Three Roads” by Caleb Dukes.

30 06 2013

Does God want us to live FOR Him? See what Caleb has to say about the matter. He nailed it!\o/

parenting SENT kids

My son and I had a conversation about a year ago discussing the myth that God actually wants us to live FOR Him, to perform well for Him in order to feel better about ourselves and help God to feel better about us. I suggested to Caleb that God actually wants us to live WITH Him. Like I often do, I asked him to relate back to me in his own words what he took away from our discussion. This time, however, I asked him to write it down.

I am so glad I did.

And it relates well with this week’s suggestion (see Monday’s post).

Here is what Caleb wrote:

by Caleb Dukes
(eleven years old)

We are going to find out which road is better for our lives. Living for me, living for God, or living with God. In Matthew 7, verses 13-14, Jesus…

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