Barely Standing

30 06 2013

Stripping down – sometimes it’s necessary. Enjoy this post by Tina

Just Ask Tina

I love going thrift shopping. I got hooked after an old friend of mine turned me on to it about twenty some-odd years ago. We’d get a kick out of people at church telling us how cute our outfits were, knowing we paid about five bucks for the full ensemble! And then there were those Sunday mornings when one of us would whisper over to the other, “I’d go up for prayer if I didn’t have $2.92 written in red grease pencil on the bottom of my shoe!”

Thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt; you never know what you might find. And invariably, there’s the sweet little old lady who somehow feels compelled to pick out clothes for me. “Oh, now this would look good on you,” she says.

“Huh? How would you know? You don’t even know me! I don’t even like that,” I say to myself. I…

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2 responses

30 06 2013

Amazing!!! You’re soo fantastic!:-) God bless and a happy Sunday….xx
I think I have been stripped naked by God too. Lost my job, my social butterfly status, my family, my focus and drive. Now all I have is the naked me and God. I’m standing pretty uncomfortable and He seems silent. It’s like one of those puzzling questions to which the answer is pretty obvious but I’m forever oblivious. I’m waiting for Him to tell me what He wants or expects from me. Maybe I know the answer but it is too uncomfortable for me to accept it as it is. Waiting for miracles? I have faith. God can rescue me, my sinking ship of love and happiness, my pride, my life, me. I know He can and He WILL. He has to. There is no other way. Or is there? So confusing. So bewildering! Slowly but surely I will get there- I think.:-/

30 06 2013

Getting “there” is guaranteed…Philippians 1:6!

So long as we’re moving forward, I take hope. Even in the stumbles, it’s a good idea to look around and see what you’re there to see…God wastes nothing!


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