A “D” In Presentation

22 06 2013

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Guest Post for 7/28/13

Every Sunday people around the world gather to worship God. That’s the basic idea, anyway.

When did our focus change from Jesus to ourselves, I wonder?

Week after week people arrive with their mental report cards:

The parking was good, that’s an “A.”

The greeters weren’t very friendly, I give them a “C.”

The worship band really rocked, but that one lady dances while she sings, and she’s barefooted. That’s distracting. They get a “C+”. However, it wasn’t as loud as I prefer, so I’m changing that to a “C-“.

At the end of the service, they present their evaluation to someone – usually the pastor. Whether they will return is dependent upon their level of satisfaction with the experience.

The thing I find most intriguing about this is that most of the people who were “graded” were volunteers. Week after week they give up their time to come and serve in one capacity or another!

Worse, God was completely overlooked.

I want to ask, “Did you meet with Jesus today? Did He do okay for you?”

People who come to church with this mindset make me crazy!

But Jesus…

(This is like “But God…”)

Jesus said that before I go after the splinter in someone else’s eye, I need to take the plank out of my own.


Yes, Lord, You’re right.  I’m no better. I grade the people in attendance:

They complained about the parking. That’s a “D-“.

They weren’t very friendly when I greeted them. I give them a “C”.

They didn’t stand or even raise their hands while they worshiped – another “C”. I set an example of how to worship enthusiastically and they didn’t follow me, so I’m changing that to a “D”.

I am one of those volunteers, but is my goal to please men? Or God?

This morning, I discussed the first part – being judged – with my friend.

it suddenly occurred to me that I was every bit as guilty as they.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I have a mental “filing cabinet” full of report cards. Every person I encounter gets one.

When I grade people based on their performance, I am probably the least like Jesus.

Lord, please help me take my eyes off others. Forgive me for judging them based on their performance.

You have given me Your mind; help me to use it every day. Let me see them through Your eyes and love them with Your heart.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.





5 responses

20 09 2013

This is so dead on it’s scary…

20 09 2013

I agree. I hate to admit that I’m as guilty as the rest. 🙂


20 09 2013
Steven Sawyer

This is absolutely true. And another sad observation I might make. Those people with the report cards (and I have been so guilty of this myself) is they’re grading everything and everyone in the comparison trap. They’re grading others, but in reality they’re measuring themselves against the others to convince themselves they’re okay.

20 09 2013

You got that right. I’m especially guilty of whipping out a report card for someone by whom I feel threatened because they are “better.”

This is sad in light of the truth that the ground at the foot of the cross is level!


20 09 2013
Steven Sawyer

Wish I could learn that lesson and apply it all the time.

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