American Robins Attacking Reflection Rather Than Enemy

15 06 2013

It is our 17th anniversary today, so I’m spending it with my husband instead of writing.
In my absence, I am pleased to present this excellent article by Pure Glory. Be sure to visit her blog for other equally excellent and thought-provoking articles!

Praise Jesus!

Pure Glory

imageby Hazel Straub

An American robin has nested close to my house. The male robin is extremely territorial and defends the area where the nest is from other robins. Robins have exceptional eyesight, which is better than human eyes. This male bird, however, has a problem. He thinks that his reflection is another bird threatening his territory and nesting mate. The robin spreads its wings with talons outstretched and repeatedly hits the window thinking he is attacking another bird invading his territory. He spends nearly 24 hours a day doing this, as we have the midnight sun now.  He doesn’t spend much time sleeping but is vigilant. The only problem is he is fighting his own reflection exhausting himself needlessly.

Listening to Holy Spirit, I learned this is what many of us Christians do. We have keen eyesight but no wisdom and expend all our energy on attacking ourselves or…

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15 06 2013

Happy 17, Tami!

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