Romance, Anyone?

14 06 2013

Hi everyone! 🙂

I have a huge favor to ask of the women who read Lessons by Heart:

If you hover over “Preview” in the menu bar above, you’ll find another page entitled, You’re Not the Man I Married. It is the prologue to a book I’m writing. It’s not very long. Would you be so kind to give it a quick read it and give some feedback? I would really appreciate it.

Oh, guys, you can look it over if you like! I’m not trying to be sexist. Most guys don’t care for this sort of thing, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up!

Your sister in Christ,


It is my hope to have an e-book by the end of November. When it’s done, you can get a free copy on Lessons by Heart (for a limited time) as my way of saying “Thank You.”




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15 06 2013
melanie jean juneau

-You have all the right stuff, the prologue draws me in

-You engaged me, conversation is realistic, just enough action -that it is easy to picture-

-it wasn’t till the waitress refills coffee that I realized (with a jolt )this was in a restaurant-

-slip in the year with the song? or else all the distress over a divorce seems silly

-The para on God is good but this part hit me funny

“Besides, even I know what the Bible says about divorce. It was part of the ceremony – remember? ‘What God has joined together let no man put asunder’ and all that. Apparently, this is ‘God’s plan’ for my life…and it stinks.”
“Jackie, honey, I’m not so sure this is His plan for you.

I’d lightenen up on the God stuff in the prologue- you want to hook people + Jackied herself is not a committed Christian

15 06 2013
Toni Sprandel


15 06 2013
Larry Who

You’re a great writer and the story line looks great. My only suggestion: ramp up the conflict in your story. One of the biggest mistakes I see in Christian novels is that conflicts are softened so much that it’s hard to see the raw emotions people struggle with in relationships. Have the woman throw something, smash something, slam a door, pick up a knife and throw it. Have her scream and call her husband to threaten him. Etc. Etc.

Now, this may not be how you would act, but you’re creating a character that you want your readers to enjoy. Remember: imperfect characters are loved by readers and conflict causes us to turn the pages.

15 06 2013

Thanks for your awesome input. Believe me, it gets pretty crazy once the story begins. I didn’t have to make up much, but have a wealth of screaming, throwing and breaking things, and the like to fill a whole library. (God’s been very gracious and changed me so much. It’s hard to believe I’m the same person.)

I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind. Stay tuned for more…

(And thanks for reading it!)


14 06 2013

I’m the last person to give any input on this subject

14 06 2013

You’ve already heard most of the story, anyway!

Did you get my e-mail? 🙂

\ 🙂 /

14 06 2013
walter bright

thanks for the heads-up… it sure sounds great…

14 06 2013

Yeah, it’s definitely girl stuff – but is drawn from real-life experiences…except that I was the one who talked my kid into staying with a spouse that seemed to be a total loser. God was gracious, and theirs is a “happily ever after” story. Let’s hope it goes so well for Jackie!

Thanks for your comment. It made me smile!

15 06 2013
walter bright

Stay blessed!

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