Heaven is a place on Earth

9 06 2013

This is a great article about heaven.

Sometimes I forget that walking with Jesus is the point of eternal life…not just living forever. Good heavens! We can do that now.

Enjoy this article by the Undercover Christian…


The Undercover Christian


When I was about fifteen, a book appeared in our house.

Back then, there were no e-readers, no blogging, no internet, no smartphones. If you wanted to phone your mother to pick you up from town you needed to find 10p and a telephone box. If you could find neither, you had a long walk in the rain. Perhaps you could use the compass in the heel of your Clarks Wayfinders to help (except you couldn’t, because it didn’t work).

So if you were eccentrically religious with views described by others as ‘fringe’ (but presumably by you as ‘innovative’) and wanted to air them in public in the hope that a couple of people might believe you (much like telemarketing), you had to save up enough money to self-publish your exotic manifesto.

The book in question was called The Appointed Times by the straight-facedly named Randy Bullock, an American of unclear scholarly…

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2 responses

9 06 2013
K Cutler

Absolutely loving this! Spot on 🙂

9 06 2013

Yeah, me too!


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