Question: Doesn’t Grace Make You Lazy?

27 05 2013

J.S. Park writes very good articles, addressing some of the tougher questions concerning our faith. Stop by his site and take a look!

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

Does Christianity encourage laziness? The whole concept of Grace you often speak about lets people off the hook too easily. The Bible says faith without works is dead and Jesus said all trees that bear no fruit will be chopped down and thrown into fire. The reason people are so lazy and under-motivated is because they are always told they’re some special person while no one really is all that special. So how does telling them God loves them help deflate their ego?


So occasionally I get questions like this that make me wonder: Do you really care what the answer is?  Are you trolling right now?  Are you baiting me into a trap?  Have you ever struggled alongside real hurting people? Are you teachable enough to see where you went wrong here?

Christianity encourages laziness just as much as atheism provokes genocidal baby-eating evil — which…

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2 responses

27 05 2013
Tanya M.

What a fantastic post! Thanks for reblogging.

27 05 2013

You’re welcome.Glad you liked it.

I enjoy J.S. Park’s articles immensely. He challenges the way I think about things – and that is good!.


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