I Don’t Believe in God

10 05 2013

Tell me about the God you don’t believe in. What is he like?

Is he angry?



Is he capricious – constantly changing his mind and unreliable?

Does He watch you like a hawk, hoping to “catch” you doing something wrong so he can lower the boom?

A control freak who wants to ruin your fun and wreck your life?

An egotistical maniac?

Like your father?

Is this the god you don’t believe in?

I don’t blame you. I don’t believe in that god either.

Let me tell you about the God I do believe in.

He is:




Abounding in goodness

Abounding in truth

He keeps mercy for thousands

Forgiving of:




His plans for you are for good

and not for evil

To give you a future

and hope

He is a father to the fatherless

“Rest” for the restless

He loves each person with an everlasting love

He draws you to Himself with lovingkindness

He will not force you to do anything against your will

but left you free

to hate Him



so choose

He wants to be the anchor for your soul

He wants to call you “friend.”

He’s designing a home especially for you that is fabulous beyond your wildest dreams

with Him where there will be

no sorrow

no pain

no guilt

no sickness

no evil

He longs for you to get to know Him

then you will no longer believe all the lies about Him

and see Him as He really is.

Ask – and keep asking

Seek – and keep seeking

Knock – and keep knocking

He is waiting to hear from you.




18 responses

13 05 2013

You know my thoughts, but you write beautifully and passionately. You have done a lot with your life and your writing touches many by the look of it.

13 05 2013

Because I know your thoughts, your comment means more to me than all the rest put together! Thank you very much for your kind words.


13 05 2013

I have a lot of friends with deep faith, including my husband. And we are great friends. Life and difference doesn’t have to be confrontational. There is room for everyone. 🙂

13 05 2013

Never gained (or kept) a friend by beating them to death with anything I was passionate about! It took me a long time to figure this out.

I enjoy reading your daily posts, by the way. You’re one of my regulars – even if I don’t comment. 🙂

10 05 2013
K Cutler

so in love with this one and totally needed to hear it today. thank you for sharing

11 05 2013


10 05 2013

Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

10 05 2013
Greg Poppy

Yes, I believe in the latter rather than the former! I also want to live like I believe in that His love flows through me as a conduit. LBH…If you haven’t, you should check out Love Does by Bob Goff

10 05 2013

Thanks, I will.

10 05 2013

I love this, I had the wrong idea of God for a long time too but then He showed me that god of the world or the god of religion is not who He is, the real God is faithful, loving and very graceful. I once heard a great quote from a song by a Christian artist Lecrae and he said, “The Western god is manmade and not the Biblical Awesome.”

10 05 2013

That is so true. Thanks for sharing!

10 05 2013

“Let me tell you about the God I do believe in.”

I don’t believe in that god either.

10 05 2013

I used to! He was so very patient while He wore me down with His faithfulness.

10 05 2013

I don’t know what you mean by that.

10 05 2013

I’ll get back to you this afternoon. I’m late for an appointment.

10 05 2013

I misunderstood what you meant – that happens on posts, sorry.

First of all, I detest religion. More damage and evil has been committed in the name of religion. I have no use for it whatsoever.

Instead I have a relationship with the God I wrote about. My blog is full of stories of my experiences with Him. Feel free to read and comment, if you wish.

I’m not going to convince you that my way is right and yours is wrong – I don’t even want to try. Just wanted folks to know that He’s real and He loves with a love we can’t begin to comprehend.

This is why:
I was lame (back injury from a high dive) for three years. Now I’m right as rain – no doctors.

I was dying in a hospital, preparing to give birth to a child with severe brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. To the astonishment of the doctors, the pregnancy went full term. Oh, and my “brain damaged” child? He turned down an IT position with the military because he didn’t want to keep secrets from his wife.

In both instances, someone prayed for me. There is no other explanation. I didn’t want them to, but they did anyway.

In addition, in my 20s and 30s I was an alcoholic, immoral, ill-mannered, selfish broad who thought the world should revolve around – me.

Today I reach out to people and volunteer all my time wherever it is needed. If I have something and you want it, it’s yours (most of the time! There are a few exceptions), I haven’t been drunk for over 28 years – but never went through AA. Instead of judging and condemning people, I am free to love them and care about them.

Jesus is the only answer I have to “How did that happen.” I didn’t do this on my own.

That’s what I meant. 😉

10 05 2013

Hallelujah! I don’t know the first god either, but the God you speak of at the end is my God too. What a beautiful, heart-felt, Spirit-led poem! Thank you so much for sharing and blessing us with your gift.


10 05 2013

Isn’t He awesome! 🙂

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