Black, Blue, Pink, or Green?

7 05 2013

Who’d have thought that a simple choice – a color – could change one’s life?

We were preparing to leave on vacation. I was finishing the packing while my husband, Wendel, was out running a few last-minute errands. The phone rang. It was him.

“If you had to choose between black, green, pink, or blue, which would you want?” My mind was elsewhere, and I had no idea why he was asking. I visualized the colors, decided to be different, and said, “pink, I guess.”

Pink? I hate pink!

“Okay. I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

I piled the suitcases, pillows, jackets, and my bag of books in the living room. I was preparing to load the ice chest when he arrived.

“Here you go – pink!” he said, proudly holding out a pair of bright pink Crocs for me.

There is no way I am putting those on my feet, I thought to myself; then I saw the look on his face. It was a gift from his heart. How could I turn him down? I kicked off my flip-flops and dropped the shoes to the floor and slipped them on.

In an instant – and for reasons I do not to this day understand – I was transformed!

“Pink shoes, I exclaimed, “princess shoes! I haven’t had pink shoes since I was a little girl. Thank you!” I gave him a big hug and kiss, then danced around the kitchen, feeling like a little ballerina.

A little while later, Wendel playfully punched my arm.

“Oh, princesses don’t like to be punched,” I said sweetly. He wrapped me in a hug.

“Mmm. Princesses love to be snuggled!” He smiled and released me to continue my childlike antics.

For the next couple of weeks, he learned a lot about what princesses like and don’t like: they like to have the car door opened for them, to be brought a cup of coffee, to go to the beach, but not oysters, loading the car alone, or being ignored! I was surprised that he played along and let me behave in such a silly fashion. It was certainly out of character for me.

The day came when I thought I’d probably milked the pink shoes for all they were worth, and should move on. I was prepared to thank him for the fun and acknowledge that it was time to act my age again. To my amazement, out of nowhere he said, “You know, I really like this ‘princess’ thing. It makes me think of you in a different light.”

This new identity had overhauled how I viewed myself, too. Crazy, I tell you!

At the time I was about 46. I didn’t own a single pink garment – not even undies (sorry, guys – TMI, I know!). To say I detested pink would be an understatement. It was a “sissy” color – a “girl” color. In my family of origin, to be a girl was not a good thing. They were stupid, foolish, idiots, worthless, and not good for anything except housework and … well … you know.

Realizing that, as a girl, I didn’t stand a chance of being loved and accepted, I became very tomboyish. I climbed trees, pitched in whenever hard work was being done, helped change engines in our vehicles and did everything I could to avoid being considered a “girl.”

Only once during my childhood had I been called “Princess.” It was the day I graduated from high school. Because this name was vastly different from what I was usually called, I laughed. I thought it was meant as a joke. I sincerely had no frame of reference for this comment.


My manly behavior continued into adulthood. I chopped trees, dug pits, worked on my own cars, and became a welder. If the activity was “prissy” in any way, I avoided it like the plague. My wardrobe was mostly jeans and T-shirts.

Once in a while my femininity would rear its “ugly” head…and quickly discover that she was not welcome. Back down she went.

The day my husband brought me home those fun pink shoes all that changed.

Jesus said, “That’s enough of that. I created you to be a woman – and I want you to be the woman I created you to be. You are My princess.”

I know this was His idea because after I told a few of my friends about my experience with the pink shoes, they joined in the fun.

Within a couple of months, I had more pink stuff than I’d owned in my entire life! I was given pink tops and pink notebooks, pink earrings, and a pink bathrobe, to name just a few things…and I do mean few!

One morning I mounted the stage for worship. A woman from our church rushed up and handed me a bookmark. On it was a rhinestone pin that read, “His Princess.” She said, “Tami, I saw this – and thought of you, so I bought it for you.”

Saw “princess” and thought “Tami?”  Works for me!

Princess stuff continued to pour in!

That November, we women were out of town for a retreat. My hubby had mentioned to someone that my birthday was on Saturday. In the evening, they threw a “princess” birthday party for me – complete with a beautiful cake, a tiara, a princess wand, and bubbles.

When we were leaving, Cris Simpson (a friend of mine) said that she had a jacket that she no longer wore, and wondered if I would like it. She said she would bring it to church the next week.

Sunday came, and she gave me a beautiful – get this – gold lambskin jacket. I love the symbolism in the Bible, colors, metals, etc. They all have meaning of some sort. With this jacket, the Lord was putting on His final touch: gold = deity (His princess); lambskin = His righteousness. This gift still brings tears to my eyes.

I am loved by the King, and it makes my heart want to sing!

When God gives you a new identity, everything changes. I understand how Jacob felt, how Peter felt, and Paul…a new creation in Christ.

I used to be a “guy,” but Jesus transformed me and now I am…His princess!

Has Jesus changed you – how you perceive yourself? How others perceive you? I’d love to hear your story!



16 responses

13 02 2014
Steve Austin

Boy, oh boy. Wait! Girl, oh, girl! Shoot….my goodness, Princess! This is fantastic. I had the same, but opposite transformation during Bible college. I was always the best friend to all the girls, never had real guy friends, and one day my pastor (teacher) pointed out that I walked funny. “Steve, I”m telling you this in love, and it’s going to sound crazy, but men lead from their chests and you lead from your waist.” He truly did mean it in love, and for weeks, I practiced leading from the chest. 🙂 Today, I enjoy hiking, camping, smoking a cigar with the fellas, etc. I’m still that sensitive guy I always was, but I certainly do feel more confident in my masculinity than I did 12 years ago. God is good, and when our identity is in Him, how can we go wrong?!

14 02 2014

That is so cool, Steve! How deep the Father’s love for us.

If we could even begin to fathom that, I think we’d behave much differently towards others…dragging, begging, pleading with them to come meet our Savior – rather than taking pot shots at them for being wretched sinners!

Thanks! I just realized what my “growth” focus is for this year – learning to love like Jesus has loved me. Whooee, the Lord’s work is definitely cut out for Him!


14 02 2014
Steve Austin

Woo hoo!!!

12 02 2014
Mary Adrienne

Beautiful story. I’m looking forward to telling you the story of my name one of these days. It’s only recently that I’ve come to believe it’s effect has been significant on my life. But, like how a different color made you perceive your identity differently, a name change can be a deeply spiritual experience.

13 02 2014

Like you, my name is significant to who I am. A palm tree (Tamara) has a single root. The greater the storm, the deeper the root sinks into the ground. That explains a lot of my life! 🙂

I look forward to hearing your story, Mary. I know the meaning of that name, too. I’ll bet your story is a good one!


8 05 2013

Just think what you would have missed if you had stuffed those pink slippers in the closet to collect dust!

8 05 2013

Wow! You’re so right.
A little appreciation for the kind thought of others goes a long way. I’ve passed up an opportunity to be blessed like this more times than I care to admit, now that you mention it.

7 05 2013

I do see a growing acceptance and joy in the core part of my identity as a woman thanks to the Lord’s adoption of me.
I see a similar thread with women I know overseas in girl-despising cultures where acting boy-like became a safe way to cope and gain love.
Pink is a beloved color to me because it is the common color I and my friends seem to don as this change takes place in our hearts too!

7 05 2013

There seems to be a great move of the Lord right now all around the world. Blogging is wonderful because it gives me eyes throughout the earth with which to watch Him work.

Grace and peace to you and yours.
\ 🙂 /

7 05 2013

lovely…. very lovely! I really feel like God had me read this for a reason. Trust Me. When it comes through i will let you know what it is…. thanks for sharing 🙂

7 05 2013

I’m eagerly awaiting your story!

7 05 2013

Don’t know when it will come through but I surely will tell you. so we’re both waiting… smile

7 05 2013

In the name of His Majesty, greetings your highness. Even more amazing is that according to 1 Peter 2:9, we are ” royal priesthood”. We ,all in Christ, are princes and princesses who can boldly approach in to his presence in the Holy of Holies. We are that precious to him. There is time when the mind boggles. Regards, your fellow-highness ;-D

7 05 2013

Love it!

7 05 2013

I haven’t noticed any changes, but I do have a new outlook on life.

7 05 2013

Love you, sweet daughter! And love to watch Jesus at work in you.


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