Life is for Learning

4 05 2013

Life is a series of lessons strung together. They are there to be our tutors, just as the Old Testament stories are there for our learning. At the time the following Scripture was written, the New Testament as we know it did not exist. The “things that were written before” refers to the Old Testament, from which they they were taught in synagogue:

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

Romans 15:4

If they were people just like us, and we can learn from their lives: their victories and their mistakes, then wouldn’t our lives also be full of lessons for the next generations as well? When we discover that Scripture can be “overlaid” on our own lives, we see the Word come alive and begin to give us comfort and hope as well.

It has been thrilling to discover that Scripture has something to teach through everything around me – events, relationships, even the equipment I use! Lessons abound when you are looking for them. That is what I share with you in this series of “Lessons by Heart,” so named because that’s where I learned them. These aren’t great theories; rather, they are experiences. After all, experience, as we all know, is the best teacher.

My hope is that you will use my posts as a springboard to discover your own story through the Scriptures and be able to leave a legacy of great teachings for your own children.





4 responses

6 05 2013

I so agree with your insights!

6 05 2013

Yours, too. You’ll be “seeing” me again 😉


4 05 2013

Life: that school of experience whose colors are black and blue! 🙂

4 05 2013

Great way to put it!

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