25 04 2013

Good evening, Dear Readers.

Pride comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. For me it came in the form of this blog when I wasn’t looking.

Having a blog that went from dead to soaring is very exciting. I checked my stats every half-hour or so as it went from 4 or 5 views daily to over 80 in just a few weeks, and gained quite a few followers, too. That’s heady stuff. And that’s where it went – to my head!

Today I had to make some decisions. Either I am going to do this for God and for His glory or I am going to do it for my own, and derive a sense of “value” from the ever-increasing readership “I” am obtaining. As you’ve probably gathered from several of my posts, this is a weak area for me…defining myself by what I do, rather than Whose I am.

Watching those stats began to affect what I was going to write about, based on what was most popular, rather than on what I believed I was supposed to write about. That makes it about me, and not about Jesus – and that is never a good thing.

(In no way am I setting this as a standard for anyone other than myself. Please don’t go “religious” on me and think these are the new rules by which to blog. I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination!)

King David got himself into trouble – and the people in his kingdom had to pay the price – when he took a head count of his army. I don’t have a kingdom, per se, but I get the sense that if I continue in this way, someone else is going to pay the price (probably my husband 🙂 ). I don’t want that.

For this reason, I’ve removed the Stats page from my dashboard, and I’ll be removing the counter widgets from the page you see. I’ve come a long way and don’t want the enemy to regain any ground.

– And it’s not that I don’t care about you, my reader. I’m so honored to have anyone read these little articles. Without you there’s not much point in writing, now is there? Because I want to care more about you than about how many of you there are, I will turn my attention from stats to content. Hopefully there will be some improvement!

***If I am “following” you, it’s because I truly enjoy reading what you’ve written, and not so I can use your site to gain more readers, in case you’re wondering. There are some amazing authors here on WordPress. I am impressed and blessed to be published along with such outstanding writers.***

May Jesus truly get all the credit and the glory for what comes from my desk.

Pray for me – I’ll be going through withdrawls!

You probably don’t care about any of this, but I’m coming clean anyway!

The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord make His face to shine upon you

and be gracious to you

and give you peace.

Good night!

\ 🙂 /

Praising Jesus!



17 responses

26 04 2013

Thanks for the heads up! Oh and I liked your worship icon – \ / around the face. I’ll have to try and figure that one out. Yes, it IS all about Jesus. That’s why I started my blog too. Not that I have to worry too much anyway…. still working out one end of a blog from the other… and no others to worry about, apart from Mum and my three other followers! : )

26 04 2013

Thanks for your response!

You have to put a space between the \ the smile and the other /. Otherwise it doesn’t work. 😉

26 04 2013

\ 🙂 / ok. got it! 🙂

26 04 2013
Heidi Viars

Yikes … ouch … yep … amen … and oh boy … come to mind … I have to go “home” and make some changes on my blog, sister … I have been struggling with the same things. Our motives can easily become tainted by our desire to be loved by the world rather than the Lord. He will not share His glory with anyone … Don’t be discouraged to the point of stopping though, ok? You have much to say to a hurting world … Lets pray and let the Holy Spirit refine us … so that in the end people see Jesus! THANK YOU for this very timely reminder!

26 04 2013

You’re too funny. It’s easy to lose track of why we began, isn’t i?. In less than a month I was headed south in a hurry!

Happy re-writing! Glad I could help.

26 04 2013

“Me-nistry” I like that. I know exactly how you feel. Much of what you wrote I have experienced. God bless you for your candor.

Someone asked me one time if I felt a sense of satisfaction about what I had just preached. I replied that I did. but at the same time knew that unless God blessed what I said, it was just sound-waves in the air.

The same with a blog. I love to write, but, again, unless God blesses the words on this blog, they’re just pixels on a screen.

I came out of Fundamentalism, where it was all about numbers and “results”. I pray that God will be pleased to bless what I write to a large number of people (it amazes me where my words have reached), but if they’re just my words, well…. Besides, there may be just one person who needs what I’ve written. Aren’t they as important as the multitudes? After all, the Lord went after just one sheep.

Thanks again.

26 04 2013

Thank you for your response.

Oh, yes! It is thrilling to look at the map and see countries like Korea, India, Croatia, Germany, and Nigeria highlighted. It blesses me and brings tears to my eyes. I would never have been able to travel there in person.

1 Peter 4:11 is His command to me concerning this blog. It’s not an assignment I take lightly. I am humbled to be given this opportunity and platform from which to reach people for Him, as I’m certain you are.

He’s so wonderful, I just love Him!
Praising Jesus

26 04 2013

I remember feeling the exact same way when I started my blog a few years back. At first I wrote it mostly for myself and the few bloggers who stumbled upon it and stats + numbers never mattered (because I didn’t have much).

And when I started getting more followers I started thinking about how I should blog in a way to “keep” them or “gain” more and if I wasn’t getting the feedback or results I wanted I felt discouraged about my writing and would wonder if I should have even written what I had. I started writing for numbers and followers rather than content and just sharing what was on my heart and that was not a good thing.

I’ve learned to stop caring about both now and to just write straight from my heart… if it encourages a few other readers, great! But for me my posts are the greatest testimony of my journey through life with God and the lessons He’s been teaching me along the way. Writing about them (even if it’s just for myself) is always worth it! 🙂

Thank you for this. Be blessed!

26 04 2013

I want to print out your reply and tape it over my computer screen so it’s there as a constant reminder! We’re here to do the Lord’s bidding. It’s His job to get the message to those for whom He intended it.

I’ll bet we’ve got those who don’t “get” Jesus at all scratching their heads and wondering about us! 🙂

26 04 2013

Oh my, thank God I read this today….
Motives…. that’s all I can think now, “What are your motives?”

The song I had on repeat as I drove to work this morning said something along these lines, “the life I now live is not I that lives, for me to live is Christ…”

Thank God I saw this today.
It’s so easy to get distracted, it’s so easy to forget we are just vessels honoured to be used by Him to bless this world.

WordPress lists so many ways to get a followership, it’s so easy to get carried away by the form, by the need to be (or to appear to be) popular and forget the real essence of it all. Because, I think, we are not just bloggers but people with a message of healing to a hurting world.

Thank you for reminding me of what truly matters… time to refocus…!

26 04 2013

“What are your motives?” was me, asking me 🙂

26 04 2013

Figured that out. The whole “I” vs. “you” vs. “we” thing can be a pitfall – and cause problems. I didn’t notice, but i know what you’re saying. Thanks for clarifying.
Have a blessed day!

26 04 2013

I was amazed at how quickly my purpose shifted from ministry to “me-nistry!” I absolutely agree…time to refocus!

26 04 2013

Good Morning ! (UK Time) You know it’s a comfort to know other Christians share the same type of struggles. Mine was slightly different in that I was hesitant to start the blog for fear of it getting to my head. But our God is one not of fear or timidity but of grace & strength. My premise for blogging is that I write as and when I click on understanding what God is saying. It’s about what He is revealing/doing. I believe God wants me to share as I learn so that others may be encouraged as I am by reading other blogs from around the global church. It also allows people to question, comment or indeed correct in what is said in my blogs. Thank you for your humility and be encouraged we carry this yoke -together in Christ Jesus.

Father God, we thank you for who you are and what you do. How you use everything and everyone to reveal yourself. I ask of you to protect and watch over this global online community. Holy Spirit continue the work that began in us, guide us , rebuke us, encourage us. Father, I lift my sister up to you, give her one of your big hugs and shroud her with peace & love as she goes through with the decisions she’s made. In Christ’s name Amen.

26 04 2013

Amen and amen!

Thank you!

25 04 2013

I think your confession is touching. And your need to have your blog seen is natural. However, if you found yourself changing the words to get the numbers the blog is no longer yours so the honesty of showing who you are is lost…if that happens why bother blogging? Those in need of your words will find them you just focus on making the words your own not the words that are designed to get numbers. I will continue to read what you offer. God Bless.

26 04 2013

Thanks for responding. When I’m focusing on what will be “liked” I don’t write what’s on my heart. You’re so right: if I do that, what’s the point of blogging?

Grace and peace to you!

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