Shall We Dance?

19 04 2013

It’s not blood that flows through my veins, but sound waves; I’m convinced of this. I absolutely love music. I sing, play instruments, and dance. Sometimes I do them separately – other times I do them all at once. I don’t ‘get’ people who can sing without moving something other than their mouths. 😉

My husband and I used to go dancing a couple of times a week. We were part of the Country Dance craze. It’s how we met. He ‘cuts quite a rug,’ to coin an old phrase. Alas, the craze came and went. There aren’t many places to strut our stuff anymore, so we mostly stay home and do “middle-age” stuff!

One morning I was reminiscing about the “good old days” with the Lord.

“I really miss dancing. Jesus, would You do me the honor?” I asked.

I turned on some music and began a Night Club Two-Step with my “imaginary” partner. Our dance was beautiful, in case you were wondering…flawless even. The song ended with a dip. I curtsied and thanked Him for joining me.

Laughing at my silliness, thankful that no one was home to watch, I got back to work.

That afternoon, I had a coffee date with one of my friends. We talked for a bit about odds and ends.

She paused, then said,”You know, I was talking to the Lord about you today. He said something about…Dancing?” She arched her eyebrow as her sentence ended.

Surprised, I quickly reviewed our conversation. I’d said nothing at all about dancing – or even music, for that matter. Suddenly, it dawned on me:

“He told on me!” I blurted. My face turned a bit red as I told her about my wild imaginings just that morning.

With a twinkle in her eye she said, “I guess He wanted you to know that it wasn’t just make-believe. He was right there with you.”

Hmm. You gotta’ love a God like that!

Where can I go from Your Spirit, and where can I flee from Your presence? If I dance in my bedroom, even there your hand will lead me and Your right hand will hold me!

(Modified a bit from Psalm 139!)


(I added this bit, lest you think me irreverent!)

Two of my favorite songs are “How Great Thou Art” and “Indescribable” (Louie Giglio’s podcast is great, BTW). I stand in awe of His majesty – hard to miss when it’s all around us.

However, I grew up in a religion where God was presented more like a grouchy grandpa who watched me like a hawk, waiting for me to do, say – or even think – something wrong so he could zap me. I served that god for many years…what was the alternative? Hell? No thank you. I’d put up with the mean god before I’d choose that place!

Did I love Him when I believed Him to be like that? No. I worked real hard to keep all “His” rules, and stay on His “good” side. I was just hoping to stay off His radar.

It’s taken Him many years to transform me by renewing my mind about what He is really like (and He has a long way to go). One of the great wonders to me is that the God who created everything I see (and much more that I don’t), who is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and altogether “Other” calls me “friend.” Wow.

“He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known!” (From “In the Garden” – an old hymn that’s another of my favorites.)

What an awesome, magnificent, glorious God we serve!

The last thing I want to do is present Him as the Great Teddy Bear in the Sky who winks at sin. After all, His Son had to DIE to reconcile man and make it possible for our relationship with Him to exist at all. Sin is no small affair. But once we’ve received reconciliation with God because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we’re invited to come boldly into the throne room to receive mercy.

That’s a lot to celebrate. Crank up the tunes – He loves to dance!



2 responses

22 04 2013

This post is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this moment, as I read this, peace kind of settled on me. Many say, Peace be unto you! But few can actually give peace to you, this is what you did for me and I have to say…

Thank You

22 04 2013

🙂 I’m so glad I could serve you in this way.

My “Papa” is doing such amazing things through this blog. I started it in 2009 – then quit when one of my readers got kind of mean. I certainly don’t want to be leading people astray – and you have full permission to call me on things that don’t sound right.

Between then and when I began again on March 26, 2013, I’d had 427 hits.

In the last 28 days, I’ve had over 500 – and have the most unlikely followers. It must be His timing. I’m so honored to have this assignment from Abba.

I love reading your posts. Keep on “truckin'” 🙂

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